What did Ida B Wells do for women’s rights?

How did Ida B Wells fight for equality?

In Chicago, Ida Wells first attacked the exclusion of Black people from the Chicago World’s Fair, writing a pamphlet sponsored by Frederick Douglas and others. She continued her anti-lynching campaign and began to work tirelessly against segregation and for women’s suffrage.

How did Ida B Wells contribute to the civil rights movement?

After her relocation to Chicago in 1894, she worked tirelessly to advance the cause of black equality and black power. Wells established the first black kindergarten, organized black women, and helped elect the city’s first black alderman, just a few of her many achievements.

What was the result of Ida B Wells work?

Work done by Wells and the Alpha Suffrage Club played a crucial role in the victory of woman suffrage in Illinois on June 25, 1913 with the passage of the Illinois Equal Suffrage Act. Wells died of kidney disease on March 25, 1931 in Chicago. She leaves behind a legacy of social and political activism.

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