Quick Answer: Who is Wollstonecraft’s audience?

Who is Wollstonecraft’s audience in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman?

The audience for Mary Wollstonecraft’s essay, “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman,” is much disputed. The essay is addressed to the French diplomat, Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, who had presented a report on public education to the French National Assembly in 1791.

What is one of the most important issues for women’s rights activists in the United States today?

From a global perspective, one of the biggest challenges facing women is educational inequality. Despite the many gains of modern feminist movements in the Americas, Africa, Asia and beyond, many still believe that women are less worthy of the same educational opportunities afforded to men.

What is Mary Wollstonecraft’s claim in her argument quizlet?

In a Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Wollstonecraft denies that women are, by nature, physically weaker than men. Given the right exercise regimen, she argues, females could become every bit as strong as males.

Who wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman?

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