How do feminists claim we can come to have moral knowledge quizlet?

What is feminist moral theory?

Feminist ethics is an approach to ethics that builds on the belief that traditionally ethical theorizing has undervalued and/or underappreciated women’s moral experience, which is largely male-dominated, and it therefore chooses to reimagine ethics through a holistic feminist approach to transform it.

What does feminist ethics claim quizlet?

Feminist ethics claim 1. Women are the moral equals of men. Views that justify the subordination of women or downplay their interests are thus mistaken. Feminist ethics claim 2. The experiences of women deserve our respect and are vital to a full and accurate understanding of morality.

Which best describes feminist ethics?

Feminist ethics is an approach to morality, rather than a single unified theory with specific claims that all feminists endorse. … Rather, feminists argue for equal consideration. – The interests of women are to be given the same importance as those of men. – Women are the ‘moral’ equals of men.

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What is the supreme principle of morality according to feminist ethics?

They have been insufficiently emphasized in moral philosophy. They have been overly emphasized in moral philosophy. According to feminist ethics, the supreme principle of morality is an action is right if and only if it. a.

What is feminist ethics and its objectives?

More specifically, feminist ethicists aim to understand, criticize, and correct: (1) the binary view of gender, (2) the privilege historically available to men, and/or (3) the ways that views about gender maintain oppressive social orders or practices that harm others, especially girls and women who historically have …

Why is feminist ethics important explain?

A feminist ethic, which paid attention to these different identities and perspectives, became centrally important to taking women’s lives and experiences seriously, and central to eliminating oppression of women, sexual minorities, and other oppressed groups.

What is feminist ethics Hilde Lindemann?

What Is Feminist Ethics? … Lindemann argues against thinking of feminism as focused primarily on equality, women, or the differences between the sexes.

Why does feminist theory reject traditional ethical theory quizlet?

Feminist ethics rejects the unification of ethics under a supreme moral principle. Morality is complicated and messy. Feminists also often oppose the impartiality and abstraction that characterize traditional ethical theories. They value partiality (to loved ones) and attention to the particulars of situations.

What does moral understanding require according to virtue ethics?

Eudaimonia. What does moral understanding require, according to virtue ethics? Emotional maturity. … Duty is defined as what a virtuous person would do.

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How does feminist ethics differ from Kantian ethics?

unlike Kantianism, an ethics of care does not place supreme importance on justice. … The feminist ethics of care threatens to restrict the scope of the community too greatly. 2. The role of the emotions in helping us to know the right thing to do and in moving us to do it, needs further exploration.

How is feminist ethics similar to virtue ethics?

How is feminist ethics similar to virtue ethics? How do the two approaches differ? It tells you you should act like a virtuous person but doesn’t give you rules to follow. Compare and contrast the role that virtue ethics and feminist ethics assign to the emotions.

How plausible do you think it is to model the moral relations between people on that of a caring mother to her child?

How plausible do you think it is to model the moral relations between people on that of a caring mother to her child? It’s not plausible because it is impossible to treat someone you meet on the street the way a mom treats her child.