Best answer: What is intersectionality in feminism?

What exactly is Intersectional feminism?

Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American law professor who coined the term in 1989 explained Intersectional feminism as, “a prism for seeing the way in which various forms of inequality often operate together and exacerbate each other,” in a recent interview with Time. “All inequality is not created equal,” she says.

What is the concept of intersectionality?

Intersectionality is the acknowledgement that everyone has their own unique experiences of discrimination and oppression and we must consider everything and anything that can marginalise people – gender, race, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, etc.

Why is intersectionality an important concept for the feminist movement?

It means that women cannot separate out numerous injustices because women experience them intersectionally. Intersectionality helps us to understand that while all women are subject to the wage gap, some women are affected even more harshly due to their race.

What is intersectionality and why is it important?

Intersectionality is a framework for understanding the complex way that the many aspects of people’s identities overlap, including their race, gender, sexual orientation, class, and more. … Some women face more serious harm and injustices because of how their other identities intersect with their womanhood.

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How do you support intersectional feminism?


  1. Use your platform to support those with less privilege. …
  2. Listen and learn from diverse groups. …
  3. Take criticism onboard. …
  4. Create strength in numbers. …
  5. Share ideas and resources.

What is another word for intersectionality?

Intersectionality Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus.

What is another word for intersectionality?

intersectionalism interconnectedness
connectedness togetherness
mutuality interrelatedness
reciprocity interdependence

What is intersectionality in a sentence?

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This idea of being in multiple minority groups is called intersectionality. This relationship and interaction between one’s identities is intersectionality. This intersectionality affects the degree to which an individual youth experiences exclusion.

What is the opposite of intersectionality?

The opposite of intersectionality, in this context, is bigotry. … Supremacy has a very well defined historic meaning and has more in common with many of the fluid definitions attached to intersectionality than is possible to be it’s opposite.

How do you use the word intersectionality?

There is growing intersectionality between ethnic and racial identification. Overview of fundamental issues on the intersectionality between gender and racial discrimination. Countless users tweeted about prejudice, intersectionality, and police discrimination.

What is an example of intersectionality?

Intersectionality identifies multiple factors of advantage and disadvantage. Examples of these factors include gender, caste, sex, race, class, sexuality, religion, disability, physical appearance, and height. These intersecting and overlapping social identities may be both empowering and oppressing.

What role does intersectionality?

As a structural and relational theory and a method or analytic tool, intersectionality is poised to reveal both the intersections of institutions, systems, and categorizations that produce oppression and the intersections of identity categorizations within individuals and groups.

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