Episode 60: Ezra

Jordan and Luci discuss the return of the Israelites from Exile. Check out this episode! Where did Better Than Ezra get their name? What’s the deal with tattle tales? You shut up, you’re not my real mom! Remember when Aaron’s son’s got burnt up for offering the fire in the temple incorrectly?? Perhaps God offers... Continue Reading →

Episode 29: Deuteronomy

Jordan and Luci discuss all of Exodus and Leviticus...again!  Just kidding, it's Deuteronomy. Listen here. Shownotes: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech is remarkably less blamey than Moses's This is a mezuzah Luci starts quoting Jesus already Jordan mixes up Mulder and Scully - it's Scully who's skeptical... Continue Reading →

Episode 28: Numbers 28-36

Jordan and Luci discuss the invasion of the Midianites and the conclusion of Numbers. Check out this episode! Shownotes: We recommend the HarperCollins Study Bible - edited by Jordan's former dean at Yale Divinity School! The New Testament describes Balaam as a bad hombre in a couple places 2 Peter Jude Revelation One of those... Continue Reading →

Episode 27: Numbers 26-27

Jordan and Luci discuss the daughters of Zelophehad and the new generation of Israelites. Listen here. Shownotes: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." - Karl Marx Luci suggests we give the winning tribe a rose, as though they were on The Bachelor Jordan mentions the Stewards of Gondor from... Continue Reading →

Episode 26: Numbers 22-25

Jordan and Luci discuss a talking donkey. Check out this episode! Shownotes: Where is Balake at? Nerd alert! We debate Dumbledore vs. Gandalf. And how to pronounce Gandalf. Autographed copies of the Bible?! Jordan pictures Balaam's donkey as the tiny donkey in Fantasia Luci thinks he might be more like the donkey in Shrek Or... Continue Reading →

Episode 25: Numbers 21

Jordan and Luci discuss the neat things Moses and Aaron do despite the constant whining of the Israelites. Listen here. Shownotes: Dwight's "Learn Your Rules" John 3:14 and a connection between Moses' serpent staff and Jesus. Jordan discussed the staff of Moses as the origin for the medical symbol. Did you also know that this... Continue Reading →

Episode 24: Numbers 17-20

Jordan and Luci discuss the wilderness-era priesthood. Listen here. Shownotes: A Bloomin' Onion actually sounds pretty good Seasons of Love The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is the greatest short story ever written. Fight me. Luci mentions the white buffalo, particularly as mentioned in Hot Tub Time Machine Epistle of Barnabas Reading list: The Yiddish Policemen's... Continue Reading →

Episode 23: Numbers 14-16

Jordan and Luci discuss a rebellion! Listen here. Shownotes: The Psalms sure do love to talk about these stiff-necked Israelites in the wilderness These are the moments Rebekah complained too Kincaid's: Where friends meet to eat When you watch The Hunger Games, are you rooting for the Capitol? What about in real life? God as... Continue Reading →

Episode 22: Numbers 12-13

Jordan and Luci discuss spies and leprosy in Numbers. Listen here. Shownotes: All the sibling rivalry started when Moses married a Cushite woman, whom Randall Bailey claims was the pinnacle of beauty in the Africana Bible (this may be the only time we link to John Piper ever) Jordan watches The Americans and so should... Continue Reading →

Episode 21: Numbers 1-11

Jordan and Luci discuss the census of the Israelites, plus some more laws! Listen here. Shownotes: God gives instructions for how to perform a census in Exodus 30, which we might have skipped over in episode 13 David's census was Bad News, though Check out the awesome Biblenauts webcomic series by the amazing Tyler Lolong!... Continue Reading →

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