Episode 49: The Rape of Tamar

Jordan and Luci discuss the Rape of Tamar. Check out this episode! Show notes: The TV show Jordan is talking about was called Kings But it has not Wolfram and Hart "Rape culture is refusing to acknowledge that the only thing a person can do to avoid being raped is never be in the same room... Continue Reading →

Episode 48: 2 Samuel 11-12

Jordan and Luci discuss David and Bathsheba. Check out this episode! Show notes: All right all right all right Naming conventions might resemble those of The Handmaid's Tale Some other parts might resemble The Hunger Games Check out the new Buffycast in town: Buffering the Vampire Slayer The Anointed Annoying One “Say no to this”... Continue Reading →

Special Episode: Interview with Gary Green

  Gary, Jordan, and Luci discuss Gary's work highlighting the full humanities of young black men and pushing back against the ways that reality is socially constructed to recruit these men into the problematic stereotypes that fund their own destruction. Show notes: Marshawn Lynch and Beast Mode Amy Schumer Friday Night Lights Parody Brian Pronger:... Continue Reading →

Episode 38: Judges 19-21

Jordan and Luci discuss the Levite's concubine. Listen here. Show notes: Could you beat Luci at Scattegories? Jordan mentions Phyllis Trible's Texts of Terror What do people think of when the think of concubines in the Bible?  Second wives or prostitutes? Women's responsibility for men's lust and the problem with purity culture Two conversations about the... Continue Reading →

episode 5: genesis 34

Jordan and Luci discuss the rape of Dinah Check out this episode! Shownotes: The Red Tent. Again. The battle at the Tower of Joy from Game of Thrones (warning: it's violent, y'all) Orson Scott Card's novel Enchantment has a .... different take on the circumcision of Shechem The "She's someone" meme Theme: Hey, Nony! by... Continue Reading →

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