Episode 3: genesis 24-27

  In which God endorses trickery and deception? And communicates through Rebekah the prophetess. Listen here. Shownotes: Here is a great breakdown of biblical characters with disabilities. Both Rabbi Deborah Goldmann and Rabbi Dan Goldblatt are referenced for Isaac. What is midrash? What is the hermeneutic of suspicion? "Hand under thigh" and the patriarchal oath... Continue Reading →

episode 2: genesis 12-23

God makes some extraordinary promises (and some extraordinary demands) to Abraham and Sarah. Listen here. Shownotes: Jordan parodies "Oo-de-lally" from Disney's Robin Hood Rublev's famous icon of the Trinity Mohammed bargains God down to 5 prayers per day, just like Abraham's bargaining for Sodom & Gomorrah. Jordan's favorite novel The Sparrow Mean Girls Luci mentions... Continue Reading →

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