Episode 44: 1 Samuel 19-20

Jordan and Luci discuss some of the best friends (maybe more?) in the Bible. Check out this episode! Shownotes: When Jordan published her FB post asking for help with the Hebrew, Luci got out the popcorn like Michal pretends David is sick just like in Ferris Bueller Saul's aim is just as bad as any... Continue Reading →

Episode 31: Judges 1-3

Jordan and Luci discuss the 'other' telling of the Israelite's conquest of Cana'an. Listen here. Show notes: Luci is reminded of the Simeon at Candlemas (different guy) Bible Gateway pretty judgily thinks this verse applies to Achsah Luci mentions Achsah's story: A Metaphor for Societal Transition by Heidi M. Szpek "God chose what is weak in the... Continue Reading →

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