Episode 59: 2 Chronicles

Jordan and Luci finally finishing discussing and rediscussing everything that when wrong in Judah and Israel. Show notes: The Israelites "going up" to rebuild the Temple is so hopeful, like the end of The Sound of Music War: What is it good for? Heaven probably doesn't look like it does in the Family Circus "Hear that,... Continue Reading →

Episode 58: 1 Chronicles

Jordan and Luci dig into the Chronicler's tales. Check out this episode! Jordan is moving to Canada! Luci doesn’t know how to sing Canada’s national anthem Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind Thanks for the Vulgate St. Jerome! Are you watching Castle? Is the Census bad because is moving away from reliance on God?... Continue Reading →

Episode 57: 2 Kings 11-25

Jordan and Luci discuss the tribes of Israel going their separate ways. Show notes: A handy-dandy chart of the kings of Israel and Judah The actual patron saint of accountants is St. Matthew the Evangelist (and Tax Collector)! I'm not dead yet! Jordan's reading the Rev. Mrs. Fleming Rutledge's Not Ashamed of the Gospel 'Twas In the... Continue Reading →

Episode 56: 2 Kings 1-11

Jordan and Luci discuss more and more kings! Check out this episode! Show notes: A handy chart to understand the kings of Israel and Judah Don't make fun of Elisha for being bald - he will send she-bears after you. Suzerainty - Now you can sound fancy when you're talking about treaties in ancient Israel.... Continue Reading →

Episode 55: 1 Kings 20-22

Jordan and Luci discuss more of the Kings of Israel. Show notes: Jezebel inspires the name of a blog and a sex club in The Handmaid's Tale Jordan's desire for happy tv is belied by her watching The Keepers But she's also watching Father Brown, a warm plate of home-baked cookies of a show OK, so it's kind... Continue Reading →

Episode 54: 1 Kings 17-19

Jordan and Luci discuss all the other kings, good, bad, and ugly. Check out this episode! Shownotes: Somehow we avoided tangents this go 'round! What is that about? Do you need to get Safe Church trained? Jordan is watching The Keepers Is the reparation of the altar like the end of Beauty and the Beast?... Continue Reading →

Episode 53: 1 Kings 12-16

Jordan and Luci discuss Solomon's heirs and a divided kingdom. Check out this episode! Shownotes: After the fire at Grenfell tower Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn suggests letting victims live in rich people’s houses - I bet he would love the Jubilee! Roboham! Is Rehoboam the ultimate millennial? What is the Junia Project? Resources for people... Continue Reading →

Episode 52: 1 Kings 1-11

Jordan and Luci discuss the Bible's wisest man...at least he was for a time... Check out this episode! Shownotes: The Africana Bible - Bathsheba as a player in the game Handel’s “Zadok the Priest” Luci doesn’t know what a gelding is! Don’t make the same mistake, go here to learn about terms for horses. Is... Continue Reading →

Episode 51: 2 Samuel 20-24

Jordan and Luci discuss David's wars, census, and death. Check out this episode! Shownotes: The History of nuns The wall of the Emerald City What do you do when your narratives hero doesn’t seem to be a great guy, like Daredevil? What is a polydactyl? David’s army is like the Master’s Three in Buffy Or... Continue Reading →

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