Episode 38: Judges 19-21

Jordan and Luci discuss the Levite's concubine. Listen here. Show notes: Could you beat Luci at Scattegories? Jordan mentions Phyllis Trible's Texts of Terror What do people think of when the think of concubines in the Bible?  Second wives or prostitutes? Women's responsibility for men's lust and the problem with purity culture Two conversations about the... Continue Reading →

Episode 37: Dan and Micah

Jordan and Luci discuss Dan and Micah. Show notes: Is Micah's mom Delilah?!?! Yeah...shockingly Luci is not the first person to think of this. A baby's worth of silver is actually creepier looking than Luci imagined. Are you watching the Vicar of Dibley? Do you remember the statue of Geraldine Horton? For all the 2FAB fans... Continue Reading →

Episode 32: Judges 4-5

Jordan and Luci discuss Jael and the tent peg. Listen here. Show notes: Luci's students are reading Hauerwas's The Peaceable Kingdom Sisera is the Darth Vader to Jabin's Emperor Palpatine Deborah might be a wife, she might be Katniss This girl is on fire! Jordan's Obama impression is more a riff on Demi from the Gilmore... Continue Reading →

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