Episode 53: 1 Kings 12-16

Jordan and Luci discuss Solomon's heirs and a divided kingdom. Check out this episode! Shownotes: After the fire at Grenfell tower Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn suggests letting victims live in rich people’s houses - I bet he would love the Jubilee! Roboham! Is Rehoboam the ultimate millennial? What is the Junia Project? Resources for people... Continue Reading →

Episode 37: Dan and Micah

Jordan and Luci discuss Dan and Micah. Show notes: Is Micah's mom Delilah?!?! Yeah...shockingly Luci is not the first person to think of this. A baby's worth of silver is actually creepier looking than Luci imagined. Are you watching the Vicar of Dibley? Do you remember the statue of Geraldine Horton? For all the 2FAB fans... Continue Reading →

episode 7: genesis 38

Jordan and Luci discuss Tamar and Judah. Listen here. Shownotes: Luci mentions the musical Pippin, which Jordan has inexplicably never seen Robert Allen Warrior on the Canaanite conquest as indigenous displacement Every Sperm is Sacred (as you might expect, this video is quite rude) Henry VIII does not approve of your levirate marriage laws The... Continue Reading →

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