Episode 52: 1 Kings 1-11

Jordan and Luci discuss the Bible's wisest man...at least he was for a time... Check out this episode! Shownotes: The Africana Bible - Bathsheba as a player in the game Handel’s “Zadok the Priest” Luci doesn’t know what a gelding is! Don’t make the same mistake, go here to learn about terms for horses. Is... Continue Reading →

Episode 51: 2 Samuel 20-24

Jordan and Luci discuss David's wars, census, and death. Check out this episode! Shownotes: The History of nuns The wall of the Emerald City What do you do when your narratives hero doesn’t seem to be a great guy, like Daredevil? What is a polydactyl? David’s army is like the Master’s Three in Buffy Or... Continue Reading →

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