episode 8: genesis 37, 39-50

Jordan and Luci discuss Joseph and his journey to Egypt. Listen here. Shownotes: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat The Dead Sea Scrolls were first discovered in 1946 and completely changed our understanding of the Bible Zero to Hero The Ironborn Legit < 3% of rape allegations are false Sirens in Greek mythology Joseph &... Continue Reading →

episode 7: genesis 38

Jordan and Luci discuss Tamar and Judah. Listen here. Shownotes: Luci mentions the musical Pippin, which Jordan has inexplicably never seen Robert Allen Warrior on the Canaanite conquest as indigenous displacement Every Sperm is Sacred (as you might expect, this video is quite rude) Henry VIII does not approve of your levirate marriage laws The... Continue Reading →

episode 6: genesis 35-36

Jordan and Luci discuss the twelve tribes of Israel. Check out this episode! Shownotes: Check out the StoryWonk podcast empire. We officially recommend it. The Red Tent. This is a theme. Breaking Bad Stranger Things The Walking Dead The Bronze Bow Theme: Hey, Nony! by nony zero

episode 5: genesis 34

Jordan and Luci discuss the rape of Dinah Check out this episode! Shownotes: The Red Tent. Again. The battle at the Tower of Joy from Game of Thrones (warning: it's violent, y'all) Orson Scott Card's novel Enchantment has a .... different take on the circumcision of Shechem The "She's someone" meme Theme: Hey, Nony! by... Continue Reading →

Episode 3: genesis 24-27

  In which God endorses trickery and deception? And communicates through Rebekah the prophetess. Listen here. Shownotes: Here is a great breakdown of biblical characters with disabilities. Both Rabbi Deborah Goldmann and Rabbi Dan Goldblatt are referenced for Isaac. What is midrash? What is the hermeneutic of suspicion? "Hand under thigh" and the patriarchal oath... Continue Reading →

episode 2: genesis 12-23

God makes some extraordinary promises (and some extraordinary demands) to Abraham and Sarah. Listen here. Shownotes: Jordan parodies "Oo-de-lally" from Disney's Robin Hood Rublev's famous icon of the Trinity Mohammed bargains God down to 5 prayers per day, just like Abraham's bargaining for Sodom & Gomorrah. Jordan's favorite novel The Sparrow Mean Girls Luci mentions... Continue Reading →

episode 1: genesis 1-11

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. And Luci and Jordan started a podcast about the Bible. Check out our very first episode! Shownotes: Jordan mentions the Collect for the Feast Day of Richard Hooker. A painting of the Blessed Virgin Mary stomping on a snake (and comforting Eve). Presiding Bishop Curry's... Continue Reading →

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