Episode 63: Job 1-37

Jordan and Luci discuss how NOT to provide pastoral care to a friend that has lost family and fortune. Check out this episode! Shownotes: God and the Satan engage in a little Trading Places Tennyson called Job the greatest poem of all time Handel famously set 19:25 to music in The Messiah OK, so maybe the kids... Continue Reading →

Episode 61: Nehemiah

Jordan and Luci power through Nehemiah and find some good stuff despite the super boring wall. Check out this episode! Shownotes: Jordan compares Nehemiah to a pawn on Big Brother, because she's classy like that Brave, brave Sir Robin, Sir Robin ran away Spoiler alert: Ned Stark dies The singers at the gate could have been like... Continue Reading →

Episode 59: 2 Chronicles

Jordan and Luci finally finishing discussing and rediscussing everything that when wrong in Judah and Israel. Show notes: The Israelites "going up" to rebuild the Temple is so hopeful, like the end of The Sound of Music War: What is it good for? Heaven probably doesn't look like it does in the Family Circus "Hear that,... Continue Reading →

Episode 55: 1 Kings 20-22

Jordan and Luci discuss more of the Kings of Israel. Show notes: Jezebel inspires the name of a blog and a sex club in The Handmaid's Tale Jordan's desire for happy tv is belied by her watching The Keepers But she's also watching Father Brown, a warm plate of home-baked cookies of a show OK, so it's kind... Continue Reading →

Episode 33: Judges 6-8

Jordan and Luci discuss the rise and fall of Gideon. Listen here. Show notes: Luci's sick, so she's got a sultry voice just like Phoebe on Friends Luci compares the messenger of God that comes to Gideon with the revelation of the Qur'an to Muhammad while he's just doing shepherd stuff Gaston vs. Prince Eric: who will... Continue Reading →

Episode 31: Judges 1-3

Jordan and Luci discuss the 'other' telling of the Israelite's conquest of Cana'an. Listen here. Show notes: Luci is reminded of the Simeon at Candlemas (different guy) Bible Gateway pretty judgily thinks this verse applies to Achsah Luci mentions Achsah's story: A Metaphor for Societal Transition by Heidi M. Szpek "God chose what is weak in the... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Exodus 32

Jordan and Luci discuss the golden calf. Listen here. Shownotes: In Dogma and Clerks II, they idolize Mooby, which makes more sense in a 90s context than today. The Producers Well, that escalated quickly Footloose Luckily, nobody appears to die from this molten gold, unlike in Game of Thrones (warning: graphic content) According to Francis... Continue Reading →

episode 5: genesis 34

Jordan and Luci discuss the rape of Dinah Check out this episode! Shownotes: The Red Tent. Again. The battle at the Tower of Joy from Game of Thrones (warning: it's violent, y'all) Orson Scott Card's novel Enchantment has a .... different take on the circumcision of Shechem The "She's someone" meme Theme: Hey, Nony! by... Continue Reading →

Episode 3: genesis 24-27

  In which God endorses trickery and deception? And communicates through Rebekah the prophetess. Listen here. Shownotes: Here is a great breakdown of biblical characters with disabilities. Both Rabbi Deborah Goldmann and Rabbi Dan Goldblatt are referenced for Isaac. What is midrash? What is the hermeneutic of suspicion? "Hand under thigh" and the patriarchal oath... Continue Reading →

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