Special Episode: Kelli Joyce

Jordan and Luci talk with Kelli Joyce about Feminist Theology beyond heterosexuality. Listen to this episode here! If you're enjoying expanding your ideas about Jesus, feminism, progressive Christianity, bad ass Bible ladies, the Episcopal Church, or anything else we've been talking about, get in contact! Blog: twofeministblog.com Email: twofeminists@gmail.com Patreon: www.patreon.com/2FAB Twitter: @twofeminists Pinterest: Two Feminist Annotate... Continue Reading →

Support #2FAB on Patreon!

Enjoy what you're learning through our Bible podcasts? Then become a patron of the arts. 2FAB is now on Patreon, a website dedicated to supporting artists of all kinds. Patrons at all support tiers will receive rewards, including special extra content, the chance to record your own personal introduction to the show, merchandise, and more!... Continue Reading →

Episode 67: Psalms 73-89

Jordan and Luci tell you which Psalms to pick if you're wishing harm on your enemies. Check out this episode Imprecatory psalms: the meanest of the psalms In remarks made at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference in June 2016, Senator David Perdue asked for prayers for President Obama, specifically using Psalm... Continue Reading →

Episode 66 Psalms 42-72

Jordan and Luci discuss the most self congratulatory Psalms of the Hebrew Bible. Shownotes: More singing! As the Deer A Mighty Fortress is Our God And the Gilmore Girls version Unanswered Prayers How will you celebrate Reformation 500? Sarah Condon is planning some champagne as she celebrates all the Reformation gave us Make sure you go... Continue Reading →

Episode 65: Psalms 1-41

Jordan and Luci discuss their shared affinity for praise and worship music, among other things. Check out this episode! Show notes: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Qumran Community provided fascinating insight into 1st century views of the Hebrew Bible Before they were discovered, we relied exclusively on the Masoretic Text, which is still considered... Continue Reading →

Episode 64: Job 38-42

Jordan and Luci discuss their final thoughts on God's big bet. Check out this episode! Show notes: Luci compares God to Aaron Sorkin, because she likes getting struck by lightning Check out the Crusty Old Dean blog, especially his series on the GOEs Teddy Roosevelt has something to say about staying in the arena Listener... Continue Reading →

Episode 63: Job 1-37

Jordan and Luci discuss how NOT to provide pastoral care to a friend that has lost family and fortune. Check out this episode! Shownotes: God and the Satan engage in a little Trading Places Tennyson called Job the greatest poem of all time Handel famously set 19:25 to music in The Messiah OK, so maybe the kids... Continue Reading →

Episode 62: Esther

Jordan and Luci discuss the intrigues of the Persian court and how Haman really had no idea what he was up against. Check out this episode! Shownotes: The book of Esther’s contentious history This is a flagon Rachel Held Evans has some great stuff to say about Vashti, Esther and other queens Esther and Arabian... Continue Reading →

Episode 61: Nehemiah

Jordan and Luci power through Nehemiah and find some good stuff despite the super boring wall. Check out this episode! Shownotes: Jordan compares Nehemiah to a pawn on Big Brother, because she's classy like that Brave, brave Sir Robin, Sir Robin ran away Spoiler alert: Ned Stark dies The singers at the gate could have been like... Continue Reading →

Episode 60: Ezra

Jordan and Luci discuss the return of the Israelites from Exile. Check out this episode! Where did Better Than Ezra get their name? What’s the deal with tattle tales? You shut up, you’re not my real mom! Remember when Aaron’s son’s got burnt up for offering the fire in the temple incorrectly?? Perhaps God offers... Continue Reading →

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