Episode 15: Exodus 33-40

Jordan and Luci discuss theĀ Israelites wandering in the wilderness. Listen here. Shownotes: Shiny! Jordan is still talking about The Sparrow Looks like face to face is meant to be taken literally Jordan mentions the Prayer for Travelers on p. 831 of The Book of Common Prayer (1979) Cathedral building as described in The Pillars of... Continue Reading →

Episode 14: Exodus 32

Jordan and Luci discuss the golden calf. Listen here. Shownotes: In Dogma and Clerks II, they idolize Mooby, which makes more sense in a 90s context than today. The Producers Well, that escalated quickly Footloose Luckily, nobody appears to die from this molten gold, unlike in Game of Thrones (warning: graphic content) According to Francis... Continue Reading →

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