Episode 31: Judges 1-3

Jordan and Luci discuss the 'other' telling of the Israelite's conquest of Cana'an. Listen here. Show notes: Luci is reminded of the Simeon at Candlemas (different guy) Bible Gateway pretty judgily thinks this verse applies to Achsah Luci mentions Achsah's story: A Metaphor for Societal Transition by Heidi M. Szpek "God chose what is weak in the... Continue Reading →

Episode 30: Joshua

It's time for Jordan's favorite book of the Bible ever! Listen here. Shownotes: Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho You might need some Dumb and Dumber in your life Inherit the Wind is an American classic, and the entire film is available on YouTube. The section about Joshua begins around 1:14:25. Hebron really is still... Continue Reading →

Episode 22: Numbers 12-13

Jordan and Luci discuss spies and leprosy in Numbers. Listen here. Shownotes: All the sibling rivalry started when Moses married a Cushite woman, whom Randall Bailey claims was the pinnacle of beauty in the Africana Bible (this may be the only time we link to John Piper ever) Jordan watches The Americans and so should... Continue Reading →

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