Episode 62: Esther

Jordan and Luci discuss the intrigues of the Persian court and how Haman really had no idea what he was up against. Check out this episode! Shownotes: The book of Esther’s contentious history This is a flagon Rachel Held Evans has some great stuff to say about Vashti, Esther and other queens Esther and Arabian... Continue Reading →

Episode 39: Ruth

Jordan and Luci discuss Ruth and Naomi. Listen here. Show notes: "I will follow you into the dark" Death Cab for Cutie "Hearse" Ani Difranco Rebecca Schmitt's family became homeless after expensive medical bills, and she went on to become her high school class' valedictorian. Ruth and Naomi and their impact the Lesbian community Would... Continue Reading →

Special Episode: Stations 7 and 8

Jordan and Luci discuss Jesus' second fall and a meeting of the women of Jerusalem. If you’re enjoying expanding your ideas about Jesus, feminism, progressive Christianity, bad ass Bible ladies, the Episcopal Church, or anything else we’ve been talking about, get in contact! Blog: twofeministblog.com Email: twofeminists@gmail.com Twitter: @twofeminists Pinterest: Two Feminist Annotate the Bible... Continue Reading →

Episode 32: Judges 4-5

Jordan and Luci discuss Jael and the tent peg. Listen here. Show notes: Luci's students are reading Hauerwas's The Peaceable Kingdom Sisera is the Darth Vader to Jabin's Emperor Palpatine Deborah might be a wife, she might be Katniss This girl is on fire! Jordan's Obama impression is more a riff on Demi from the Gilmore... Continue Reading →

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