Episode 61: Nehemiah

Jordan and Luci power through Nehemiah and find some good stuff despite the super boring wall. Check out this episode! Shownotes: Jordan compares Nehemiah to a pawn on Big Brother, because she's classy like that Brave, brave Sir Robin, Sir Robin ran away Spoiler alert: Ned Stark dies The singers at the gate could have been like... Continue Reading →

Episode 60: Ezra

Jordan and Luci discuss the return of the Israelites from Exile. Check out this episode! Where did Better Than Ezra get their name? What’s the deal with tattle tales? You shut up, you’re not my real mom! Remember when Aaron’s son’s got burnt up for offering the fire in the temple incorrectly?? Perhaps God offers... Continue Reading →

Episode 59: 2 Chronicles

Jordan and Luci finally finishing discussing and rediscussing everything that when wrong in Judah and Israel. Show notes: The Israelites "going up" to rebuild the Temple is so hopeful, like the end of The Sound of Music War: What is it good for? Heaven probably doesn't look like it does in the Family Circus "Hear that,... Continue Reading →

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