Episode 50: 2 Samuel 14-19

Jordan and Luci discuss David's escape from Absalom Check out this episode! Show notes: Faulkner is hard... The GOT references continue with LittlefingerLittlefingerLittlefinger and Dothraki weddings If that isn't your thing, we reference Tolkien too! For our fantasy trifecta we reference┬áDealing with Dragons The Tale of Hushai the Archite via the CIA Defining sexposition If... Continue Reading →

Episode 43: 1 Samuel 16-18

  Jordan and Luci discus David and Goliath and the other exciting events from David's entrance into the scene of King Saul's court. Check out this episode! Show notes: Why can't we find "Star David" the musical (It's not this one)! Would you watch Luci's dog musical? Saul is Bette Midler in The First Wive's... Continue Reading →

Pre-order Jordan’s book!

So, in addition to podcasting her way through the Bible with Luci, Jordan also wrote a book! As you may have noticed, she is a big geek, so her book is a guide for fellow geeks who might be a bit wary about checking out the church. There are a lot more similarities than most... Continue Reading →

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