You asked: What was Mary Wollstonecraft ideal form of government?

What were the main ideas of Adam Smith and Mary Wollstonecraft?

Wollstonecraft and Smith agree that within the context of division of labor, we can create institutions that facilitate what we may call a noble commerce of mutual friendship such that a society is flourishing and happy.

What did Mary Wollstonecraft think about the government?

In A Vindication of the Rights of Men, Wollstonecraft aggressively argued against monarchy and hereditary privileges as upheld by the Ancien Regime. She believed that France should adopt a republican form of government.

Who was the first feminist in the world?

In late 14th- and early 15th-century France, the first feminist philosopher, Christine de Pisan, challenged prevailing attitudes toward women with a bold call for female education.

What 2 Things did Montesquieu say about government?

Montesquieu concluded that the best form of government was one in which the legislative, executive, and judicial powers were separate and kept each other in check to prevent any branch from becoming too powerful. He believed that uniting these powers, as in the monarchy of Louis XIV, would lead to despotism.

What type of government do you think John Locke would want How do you know be as specific as possible?

Explain. I think John Locke would want a self-government because he defended the claim that men are equal and naturally free against all claims that God had made all people naturally subject to monarch in the “Two Treaties of Government”.

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Who wrote about the importance of basing government on the general will?

Jean-Jacques Rousseau was one of the most influential thinkers during the Enlightenment in eighteenth century Europe.

Why do most individuals work?

According to Adam Smith, why do most individuals work? They work to earn money and benefit themselves. … The invisible hand is a force that somehow acts on the whole society so that of all individuals are pursuing their own interests, the needs of the whole society will be met.