What was the objective of the women’s suffrage movement?

What was the objective of the women’s suffrage movement quizlet?

Women’s suffrage? Political Reform Movement whose main goal was to achieve the right to vote for women.

What was the original purpose of the women’s movement?

The fight for women’s suffrage in the United States began with the women’s rights movement in the mid-nineteenth century. This reform effort encompassed a broad spectrum of goals before its leaders decided to focus first on securing the vote for women.

What were the main goals of the women’s movement quizlet?

The goals of the women’s rights movement was to improve women’s roles in society. Also, it was to achieve young voting rights for women by means of a congressional amendment to the constitution.

What was women’s suffrage quizlet?

Women’s suffrage is the women’s right to vote. Women do not get the right to vote until 1920, with the passage of the 19th Amendment.

What were the various goals of the women’s movement?

Their broad goals included equal access to education and employment, equality within marriage, and a married woman’s right to her own property and wages, custody over her children and control over her own body.

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How did the women’s suffrage movement impact the United States?

Women’s suffrage has had a profound impact on the USA. … Getting the vote made it possible for women (other than widows) to become familiar faces in elected office and thus transformed the way society views women. On some issues, there have been profound gender differences.

Why do you think suffrage was the main goal for women’s rights activists quizlet?

They believed that the 15th amendment would be endangered of passing in congress if women wanted it too., women getting the vote first would throw things off skew. NWSA worked to secure women’s enfranchisement through a constitutional amendment. women needed to appeal for the passage for a federal constitution.

What was the purpose of the suffrage movement in the mid to late 1800s?

The main purpose of the suffrage movement during the latter 19th century was to gain the right to vote for women.