What type of reform was women’s suffrage?

What is suffrage reform?

The Suffrage Movement refers, specifically, to the seventy-two-year-long battle for woman’s right to vote in the United States. … Throughout U.S. history, persons have been denied suffrage based on sex, race, age, and income.

What did suffrage accomplished?

The suffrage movement means the right to vote or franchise. During World War-1, the struggle for the right to vote got strengthened. … The suffrage movement accomplished its goal and included women in the mainstream of voting and government.

Which best describes an accomplishment of the woman suffrage movement?

By far the greatest accomplishment of the women’s suffrage movement was exactly what they sought to achieve: voting rights for women in the United States.

What challenges did the women’s suffrage movement face?

They faced racial and ethnic discrimination and were often discouraged from voting via violence. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage this year we celebrate the hard won achievements of the women who made possible the modern right to vote!

What methods were used to gain women’s suffrage?

Traditional lobbying and petitioning were a mainstay of NWP members, but these activities were supplemented by other more public actions–including parades, pageants, street speaking, and demonstrations.

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