What is the purpose of Susan B Anthony’s on women’s right to vote?

What was the purpose of Susan B Anthony’s speech about women’s rights?

The purpose of this speech is to prove that women are citizens, and should be granted the right to vote. The purpose is also that Susan B. Anthony did not commit a crime by voting, because she was exercising her citizen’s rights.

What did Susan B Anthony do for women’s right to vote?

Susan B. Anthony was a prominent leader in the womens rights movement. She, along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton, founded the National Womens Suffrage Association, which advocated for giving women the right to vote. … She was convicted of casting an illegal vote and fined $100.

What is Susan B Anthony’s purpose in speech after being convinced of voting?

Throughout her speech, Anthony argues that the founding documents of the United States give all citizens certain rights, and that in a republic, the rights of citizens cannot be taken away by the government.

How does this sentence help Anthony persuade her audience?

How does this sentence help Anthony persuade her audience? The sentence leads the audience to a single conclusion. The sentence encourages the audience to take immediate action.

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What lesson can you learn from Susan B Anthony?

Leadership requires total devotion

Anthony’s life is a testimony to righting wrongs and opening doors through education. She moved with her parents and family to Rochester, New York in 1845.

What piece of evidence does Susan B Anthony used to support one of her arguments?

Anthony include excerpts from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to support her argument? Both documents are well respected, so using them as evidence helps to establish her credibility.

What is Anthony’s purpose in this opening paragraph?

Explanation: The purpose of these first paragraph was stated by Anthony herself when she said that her goal during the course of the night would be to prove that she had committed no crime by voting. This was the claim then, that there was no wrongdoing.