What factors contribute to what sociologists call the feminization of poverty quizlet?

What factor has contributed to the feminization of poverty?

Causes of the feminisation of poverty include the structure of family and household, employment, sexual violence, education, climate change, femonomics and health. The traditional stereotypes of women remain embedded in many cultures restricting income opportunities and community involvement for many women.

What has contributed to the feminization of poverty sociology quizlet?

trend in which women are disproportionately represented among individuals living in poverty. Four major causes of Feminization of poverty. –Divorce. -Births to unwed mothers. -Lower wages paid to women (discrimination)

What are the three major causes of feminization of poverty?

The underlying causes for women’s poverty vary across countries but generally fall into one of three main categories—demographic composition, economic conditions, and government policy.

What is the feminization of poverty quizlet?

The term “Feminization of poverty” refers to the fact that there is an increasing concentration of poverty among women, especially among unmarried women with children. … During the 1960s and 1970s, the gap between the rich and the poor was smaller than it is today.

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What does feminization of poverty refer to?

Definition. The “feminization of poverty” refers to the phenomenon that women and children are disproportionately represented among the world’s poor compared to men.

What is the shadow welfare state quizlet?

The “shadow welfare state” refers to. Employer-provided benefits like health insurance and pensions. The social welfare system in the US. Became public after private groups we’re handle to the Great Depression.

Which of the following is a criticism of poverty figures quizlet?

Which of the following is a criticism of poverty figures? There is no geographic cost of living adjustment. Members of the upper class: have great wealth, often going back for several generations.

What is the feminization of poverty and how does divorce contribute to it?

Peterson is correct that rising divorce rates are responsible in part for the feminization of poverty, since divorce transforms a male- headed household into a female-headed household. The Census Bureau counts husband-wife families as male-headed regardless of the earnings or employment situation of the two spouses.

What group is most likely to experience the feminization of poverty quizlet?

Women are more likely than men to live below the poverty line–a phenomenon referred to as the feminization of poverty.

What is relative poverty in sociology quizlet?

relative poverty. Being poor in relation to others in society- only poor because they are not rich within population-may not be poor in terms of another population.

What does relative poverty mean quizlet?

Usually, relative poverty is measured as the percentage of population with income less than some fixed proportion of median income.

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