Special Episode: Kelli Joyce

Jordan and Luci talk with Kelli Joyce about Feminist Theology beyond heterosexuality. Listen to this episode here! If you're enjoying expanding your ideas about Jesus, feminism, progressive Christianity, bad ass Bible ladies, the Episcopal Church, or anything else we've been talking about, get in contact! Blog: twofeministblog.com Email:¬†twofeminists@gmail.com Patreon:¬†www.patreon.com/2FAB Twitter: @twofeminists Pinterest: Two Feminist Annotate... Continue Reading →

Special Episode: Interview with Gary Green

  Gary, Jordan, and Luci discuss Gary's work highlighting the full humanities of young black men and pushing back against the ways that reality is socially constructed to recruit these men into the problematic stereotypes that fund their own destruction. Show notes: Marshawn Lynch and Beast Mode Amy Schumer Friday Night Lights Parody Brian Pronger:... Continue Reading →

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