Episode 37: Dan and Micah

Jordan and Luci discuss Dan and Micah.

Show notes:

  • Is Micah’s mom Delilah?!?! Yeah…shockingly Luci is not the first person to think of this.
  • A baby’s worth of silver is actually creepier looking than Luci imagined.
  • Are you watching the Vicar of Dibley? Do you remember the statue of Geraldine Horton?
  • For all the 2FAB fans that love 90’s Nickelodeon, here is this shirt.
  • Luci and Jordan’s 90s CD collections
  • Kiss me Kate, Brush Up Your Shakespeare
  • Luci was talking about the Infant of Prague
  • Hot sports opinion: nick names are the mullets of names, business in the front and party in the back.

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Listen here.

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