Episode 30: Joshua

It’s time for Jordan’s favorite book of the Bible ever!

Listen here.


  • Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho
  • You might need some Dumb and Dumber in your life
  • Inherit the Wind is an American classic, and the entire film is available on YouTube. The section about Joshua begins around 1:14:25.
  • Hebron really is still an important city
  • Have you played Settlers of Catan yet? No? Buy a copy today! (they aren’t even paying us for this promotion, we just like it)
  • This escalated quickly
  • Luci was right about the college student arrested in North Korea
    • And about Ozzy Osbourne, though that’s not what Jordan was thinking of, because it was news to her
  • We’ve already discussed American colonists using the book of Joshua to justify their outrages against native peoples on this continent
  • Check out our neighbor podcast Priest Pulse, especially the *two* episodes which feature Jordan as a guest!
    • Those episodes are ‘2 Fabulous Guests’ (with the awesome Winnie Varghese!) and ‘Geek Throwdown’.

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