Pre-order Jordan’s book!

So, in addition to podcasting her way through the Bible with Luci, Jordan also wrote a book! As you may have noticed, she is a big geek, so her book is a guide for fellow geeks who might be a bit wary about checking out the church. There are a lot more similarities than most geeks know!

It’s available for pre-order, so get your copy reserved today!

2 thoughts on “Pre-order Jordan’s book!

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  1. Hi!

    I recently entered the Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil, a sister church in the Anglican Communion. This book is helpful only to people in The Episcopal Church, or other people from the Communion can enjoy it too?


  2. It is written from an American perspective, definitely, but I hope it will be useful in other churches as well. I would love to hear your perspective on its usefulness beyond the United States.


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